Training Topics

  1. Getting to Know SCADA Systems
  2. Description of SCADA Systems
  • Application Areas of Scada System
  • Functions of Scada System
  • What to Expect from Scada Software
  • Scada Systems Should Provide the Following Opportunities
  1. System Structure
  2. Basic Elements of SCADA Systems
  • Remote Terminal Units (RTU)
  • Main Terminal Units (Main Terminal Unit, MTU
  • Communication Networks
  • Data Collection Units
  • Sensors and Sensors
  • Software
  • Central Control Room
  • Control Panels
  • SCADA System Terminals
  • Computer Screens
  • Printers
  • Uninterruptible power supply,
    1. Examining a Sample Scada System
    2. SCADA Program

    Scada Program Software Installation

    • CD Installation
    • Driver Installation
    1. Menus and Their Contents
    • Connecting to TEOS System
    • Designer Menu
    • Run Time Menu Elements
    1. Creating the System Database
    • Creation of Internal and External Bits and Registers
    • Creating the System Database
    • Making Settings for Connecting to PLC
    • Entering Information into the Data Fields of the PLC
    1. Creating and Tracking Animations
    • Introducing Graphics Features
    • Showing Shape Drawings
    • Libraries and Retrieving Shapes from Here
    • Creating Animations to Drawn Shapes
    • Watching Animations by Connecting to PLC
    1. Monitoring of Records
    • Creation of Historical Database
    • Creating a Log Database and Monitoring the Screen
    • Creating the Alarm Database and Monitoring it on the Screen
    • Creation of Trend Database and Monitoring on Screen
    1. Creating Different Security Levels
    • Protection with Password System
    • Creating and Encrypting Different Users
    • Granting Authorizations Based on Levels
    • Log-On / Log-Off Features

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