OT security becomes a top priority.

Industrial organizations are rapidly moving to leverage IT technologies in operations technology (OT) environments to increase competitiveness. In this digital transformation, interconnected systems and data analytics, SCADA, industrial control systems (ICS), Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), and intelligent sensors are added to the manufacturing process. With the benefits of increased efficiency and shared data, OT security risks to the infrastructure are also emerging.

AQM Security Team offers a portfolio of OT security solutions that help asset-intensive, industrial environments monitor and secure networks, protect endpoints, and deliver cybersecurity services.

High-Risk Environments

Very low-risk mitigation and remediation with limited patching, hard-to-test production environments, and poor visibility of assets, analytics and operations data create more significant risks.

Disruptions In Operations

Cyber-attacks against ICS and SCADA systems can affect the safety, availability, reliability, and predictability of employees, operations, and the value chain, with severe consequences.

Limited Security Skills

Usually, OT teams don't know about security, while IT teams don't know about operational processes. This critical skill gap leads to security vulnerabilities.

Data Protection Compliance

With the increasing frequency and severity of cyberattacks, the scope of official regulations is growing, leading to significant changes in operations.