Due to financial reasons and technical requirements, companies may migrate their databases to different “RBMS” database systems. Since database migration processes require separate engineering work, only technical experts in the relevant database field can perform these operations. Otherwise, it may cause irreparable and irreparable damage to the database. As the AQM team, we move the databases to a different database at a rate close to one hundred percent and guarantee performance. These transportation operations are carried out entirely within an extraordinary Project management scope, and serious rehearsals are done in critical systems before this transportation process. So how does this work go?

  • First of all, database architecture and structure are analyzed.
  • The functions and procedures to be migrated are analyzed And rewritten if necessary on the new database.
  • One-to-one migration for the database is created, and data is transferred
  • Syntaxes that work behind data entry, deletion, and addition in the interface areas in the application layer to which the database is connected are changed according to the new database.
  • Closing and reporting

Within the scope of this test, it is carried out mainly for web-based applications, and requests are sent from various points of the world so that the application can be run as a whole. In this way, when the applications that attract many users instantly reach such high rates, both the hardware responses and the stability structure of the software are analyzed.

The purpose of load testing is to maintain system reliability and performance, ensure the successful operation of the system software, and ensure that the end-user can take full advantage of the system.

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Our teams consist of qualified personnel, each of whom is the best in their field. With eight teams in total, AQM ANALYTICS integrates efficiently in most projects.
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AQM ANALYTICS Team started to transfer data with up to one hundred percent accuracy in migration processes in databases.
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