DoS/DDoS attacks are a frequently preferred type of attack, which causes systems to become inoperable and targets loss of reputation of individuals, institutions, and organizations, especially recently by attackers. The tests to be carried out will help you measure your systems' system, software, and architectural resistance against DoS/DDoS attacks. By trying all methods for the target network, the answer to whether the continuity of the system can be interrupted is made visible.

As AQM, service stop tests are carried out on our servers located in various locations worldwide, such as America, the Netherlands, and Canada. Before, after, and during the tests, the servers are observed uninterruptedly, reducing the possibility of damage to the lowest possible level in the face of potential DoS vulnerabilities, even in the production environment and test systems that are not active use. With the rich methodologies, all possible attack vectors encountered on software or network architecture are penetrated from a broad perspective, instead of targeting only bandwidth filling. All attacks that attackers can do are simulated.

We can perform tests in many vectors and weights with our application, which is entirely developed by the AQM team and has reporting feature. Some of the difficulties we have carried out in this context are as follows.

Components Tested Under DDoS

  • Traffic Capacity of the Target System
  • ​​​​​​​DDoS Test Types We Have Performed
  • Syn Flood Attacks
  • ACK Flood Attacks
  • FIN Flood Attacks
  • TCP Connection Flood Attacks
  • UDP Flood DDoS Attacks
  • ICMP Flood DDoS Attacks
  • HTTP GET, POST Flood Attacks
  • DNS Flood DDoS Attacks
  • Botnet Simulation
  • Rate Limiting, Testing Quarantine Features
  • Application-Specific DoS Tests
  • SSL, HTTPS DoS Tests
  • TearDrop